Ever since I participated in the Ruhr half marathon nearly 8 years back, I have practiced and trained hard preparing for every upcoming marathon in and around Europe. Recently I began travelling out of Europe venturing to the United States and other places to participate in marathons, half-marathons of higher values. I’m a full-time worker at Toplum and love it alongside my running.

Karstadt Ruhr Marathon was my first ever marathon and it also became the day I realized just how exhilarating running marathons could be. Granted, being my first I was apprehensive and least concerned with winning. In fact, all I wanted to do was complete the marathon somehow and that in itself would be my biggest achievement. However, as I began preparations a month in advance, I realized there is a lot more to marathon running than just showing up with nerves of steel and a bottle of water. This website is in commemoration of the exact race that started me off on this path and also a treasure trove of personal learnings accumulated over the years.

Ruhr half marathon

The Ruhr half marathon – a really hard stretch for any athlete!

Hope you find something useful runner!