For most runners, marathon is all about challenging oneself. Yes, everyone is interested in winning and that is a big boost too but marathons are all about proving to yourself that you can actually go all the way. It could be that a friend got you involved. Maybe it is your first step towards living healthy or raising the awareness for a cause you believe in.

Regardless of the reason, just remember to hold on to it and keep reminding yourself of the same as you prepare in the months before. You will grow tired on days, get to experience nasty weather on a few runs and remembering why you participated in the first place will help you maintain the motivation levels.

Before Training Begins…

First find out your limits. A full marathon is nearly 26.2 miles and this can significantly increase your risks for injury than the casual jogs you hold in your neighbourhood. Before starting on a training regime, visit the physician and take his or her consultation. Always ensure that you’re hydrated through high nutritional value juices.

Always begin as early as possible. Do not wait for the last month before the marathon to start practicing. The sooner you begin, the better your chances of finishing a marathon. Besides if you try and build up your stamina quickly in a month or so, chances of losing mileage becomes much higher.

Hence, start really small. Take part in a few small races such as 5k, 10k or a half marathon as well. This lets you experience a marathon fractionally and realize just how difficult it can be. Getting acclimatized gradually is always better than suddenly forcing your body to adjust to over 20 kms of poor weather and harsh conditions.

Selecting Your First Run

Some marathons are low-key quiet events spanning over backcountry roads and at times through the city too. They are usually there for you to get acclimatized to running in general. However, when time comes to pick a marathon, always start with something closer to your home. This lets you practice on familiar roads and stay focused leading up to the race day.