Never try anything new that you have not practiced with previously on the race day. Don’t even change into new shirts, new shorts or new shoes. Do what you always did.

Before the race remember to hydrate for days leading up to the event. Stay as hydrated as possible. Change your diet over to a high-carb breakfast so your body becomes used to more carbs and on the day of the race, have a hearty carb breakfast hours before the race begins. Prepare by applying Vaseline to areas of your body that can chaff. And above all get to the start as early as possible and get your bowels cleared too.

During the race take things slow, do not get excited by the event or watching someone pull out ahead of you. Always start slow and take things at your own pace. The feeling will be great and you will be in control. Also, do not skip past all aid stations and neither should you slow down at all. Pick and select which stations you will use to rehydrate and stick to them only. Remember that if you have friends coming over to help you along the way then decide on a spot to meet so you can expect them as you round a corner.